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Elton John Tribute Act / Show

Marco has a catalogue of songs from the Elton John collection which he can perform at any show. Currently 23 songs are on offer and you can even choose your own show by selecting the songs you want to hear!

Tribute acts can come in different variations:
1 x 60 Minute Show
2 x 40 Minute Show

Full P.A. equipment and lighting rig is provided and set up at the venue. Equipment can be set up hours before if required to suit large functions (Please let us know what time you would like us to arrive if you need to set up tables for dinner evenings etc).

Once you book Marco, a contract will be sent that you must sign and return. The contract will state the time and date of the gig, the venue, length of show and fee (a deposit may be required in order to secure the booking)

Marco requires a changing area / dressing room.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Marco Whishaw

Marco Whishaw as Elton John Performing "The Elton John Tribute" UK & Worldwide  
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